Pocket Hugg-A-Planet Earth & Moon

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Named "Toy of the Year" by Creative Child Magazine and one of Dr. Toy's 100 best, this classic combo would love a hugg! The Pocket Hugg-A-Planet Earth has 600 places labeled and features a stealthy velcro pocket.  The detailed Hugg-A-Planet Moon globe featuring over 100 lunar labels, including craters, landing sites, and notable landmarks. Perfect for classrooms, dorm rooms, your couch, lumbar support, lunar learning, or stashing something special, the Pocket Earth & Moon is one-of-a-kind duo! This beautiful Hugg-A-Moon is made in proportion to our Hugg-A-Planet Classic and Pocket versions.

Astronaut Mike Fossum using the Hugg-A-Planet® Earth and Moon during an education downlink onboard the International Space Station. The Peacetoys that orbit! "TOY OF THE YEAR AWARD" Creative Child Magazine. The world’s first soft set of both. Pocket Hugg-A-planet, Earth, has a nice size pocket you can store your Moon or many other items.

  • 600 Places Labeled
  • Cotton Shell Filled with all New Materials
  • Machine Washable
  • 6 inch Velcro Pocket
  • 2 Piece Bundle Set

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